• This exciting product is designed to look after all your birds' basic nutritional needs plus provide extra support for the digestive and immune systems. They are the foundation of your birds' health and performance.
  • Vitamins are generally not made in the pigeon’s body in sufficient amounts to meet requirements and so must be taken in as a dietary source.
  • Suitable for all year round use, helps maintain excellent feather condition and health. Can help improve racing and breeding.
  • A pigeon's digestive system is easily unbalanced. Every time the bird exercises blood is diverted from the gut to supply the heart, lungs and muscles. Prolonged lack of nutrition to the gut leads to an upset in its chemistry, reducing its efficiency and leaving it prone to microbial imbalance.
  • Direction of Use: 15 Drops in 50ml pure drinking water - 2 to 3 times a week, make fresh each time.

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