As a reaction to stress, cats can shed their fur,

leading to vulnerability to skin infections,

they can spray and mark their territory around the house

(this is remarkably common when a new baby comes along

and ‘threatens’ the hierarchy) and they can actually stop grooming

themselves in extreme conditions,

which is horrible for them (imagine not bathing for a

week – you wouldn’t feel too good either!).

One of the more unpleasant side effects of feline stress for

you is your kitty’s stomach troubles.

You know when you get anxious and you start to feel a bit bloated?

Well cats get that too and the results are…

smelly! For such small little animals, cat gas is remarkably potent.

Catnip relaxes the muscles when they’re in a tense state,

which can prevent or treat upset stomachs which can encourage flatulence.

It’ll make your cat feel so much better, and your nose will thank you!


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