• The Power Supplement improves strength of body to keep birds energetic & active.
  • Spirulina is the Power house because of its nutritional supremacy.Spirulina contains 60 - 70% proteins, Which is required for optimal growth and intelligence development.
  • SPIRULINA is an edible, dried, microscopic, freshwater blue-green algae phytoplankton that contains up to 70%(approx) protein, 26 times the calcium in milk, and is far more nutritious than any known food
  • It has powerful nutrients that can have amazing effect on body and brain. It is loaded with 70%(approx)Protein, 10 vital Vitamins, numerous Essential Minerals & powerful Antioxidants.
  • Note: For fishes, kindly soak fish Food with water and cover it with Spirulina Powder for better result.

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