*Unique formulation of fatty acids and vitamins. 
*For successful breeding.
*Helps in membrane formation.
*Useful in molt.
*For healthy skin condition.
*Ultra feather is an oil-based breeding supplement, fortified with stabilised vitamins for addition to seed diets.
*Useful for smaller birds that produce large numbers of eggs or multiple clutches.
*Assists in the normal development of egg membranes and assists birds in producing the maximum amount of fertile eggs. 
Active Constituents:-
Each liter contains:
Vitamin A      200000 IU
Vitamin D3    20000 IU
Vitamin E       80 IU
Linoleic acid  430 gm
Linolenic acid  53 gm
Oleic acid    11 gm
Direction for use:-
*Mix 20ml per kg food.

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