*For healthy skeletal structure. *allowing the muscular and nervous systems to function properly. 
*Calcium needed in large quantities for egg production, is a critical mineral nutrient for reproductively active female birds.
*calcium intake in order to produce viable eggs.   
*Growing chicks also require extra calcium.  Rickets, lameness, enlarged joints, and misshapen bones will result in chicks if they do not get enough calcium as they grow.
cal-care is a readily absorbable liquid that can be administrated to water, food or orally to deficient birds. 
cal-care contains calcium along with the following nutrients.
*vitamin D3 for the effective absorption of calcium from the gut. 
*Magnesium which is stored in the eggshell and utilised in the bones of growing chicks. 
*manganese a deficiency of which can lead to shell-thinning and skeletal abnormalities. 
*Lutein which is a naturally occurring carotenoid that provides antioxidant activity and the rich yellow colour in egg yolk.  
Active Constituents:-
Calcium Ions 33g/L
Vitamin D3 25000 IU/L
Magnesium 1.6g/L
Manganese 100mg/L
Directions for use:-
*Water: Add 5mL per 250mL of drinking water. Supply as a sole source of drinking water, replace daily.
*Seed: Pour 5mL over 1 cup soaked seed.
*Direct dose: 0.2mL per 100g body weight.
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