It is very important to understand that there is a vast difference between Human and Parrots and what is good for us may not be good for them. As both belong to different ecosystem and their needs and requirements vary from humans.
So to be a successful Aviculturist one has to be a good Ornithologist. So that its helps one in understanding the Parrot as it lives in the wild and provide an environment and diet as near as possible in their wild habitat.
The most common problem with an Aviculturist is that he tries to enforce principles that are good for humans forgetting that their needs are different and that they belong to a different ecosystem.
I am neither an Aviculturist nor an Ornithologist. I am just an ordinary Hobbyist trying to follow and apply both the principles for a better management the Parrots in capitivity. There are some doubts that I would like to have it cleared. So please share your thoughts.
The parrots in captivity are either under nourished or over nourished. 
 1. Undernourished – Nutritional deficiency, due to wrong diet. For example Macaws need high fat diet, Cockatoos need moderate fats and the Amazons need low fat diet. All seed diet is not good for parrots as it lets to nutritional deficiency as they lack in essential vitamins and minerals.
2. Overnourished – Too much of rich food can cause obesity, fatty liver and fatty tumors to name a few.
The very basic thing to understand is that no cage is too big for any parrot. But in captivity one has to compromise with the cage size, as it is not possible for everyone to provide large cages due to space restrictions. 
Many keep or breed parrots in small cages and proudly share their success stories. I have observed that Parrots breed better in small cramped cages, especially the African Grey they thrive and breed better in stressful conditions but not for long, but no one talks about the harmful effects as such conditions gives them good results.
Most of the Avicuturist are very keen in provide the best amenities to the parrots, when it comes to the design of the cages / Avaries, Nest boxes and location. But unfortunately it is to their liking rather than design them with the bird in mind and from the bird’s point of view. 
Many provide huge nest boxes; some of them look like a small cage inside a large cage. The nest boxes look like Penthouses. One of the reasons for this is that they do not want the tail to break or go out of shape; they also want the bird to feel comfortable inside the nest box. But they ignore the fact that huge nest boxes lead to broken eggs, chilling of eggs and chicks and trampled chicks. 
Parrots do not need huge nest boxes, and they cannot find a cavity in the wild that is in the size of the nest boxes that are provided in captivity. Parrots feel secure in small compact cramped nesting holes. The entrance holes provided in captivity are like huge gates to a castle. This most often the cause of broken and crushed chicks in the nest box as they tend to jump onto them while entering the nest box. 
Some sometime back I read any article by tony Silva. Where he had mentioned that during his research trips in Mexico related to Macaws that they came across some nesting cavities that were so cramped that the chicks were stuck in the nest box unable to come out and were being feed by the parents. They were removed from the nest after human intervention. 
Parrots always prefer small entrance hole leading to the cavities, into which they squeeze through. This give the parrot a sense of security that a predator large than them cannot enter their nesting site and that they can fend off any small predator that enters their nest. This small entrance and cramped nesting cavity slows the movement of the parrot while entering into the nesting cavity, thus reducing the chances of breaking, chilling off eggs and chicks, and crushing of chicks.
It is very important for healthy management of parrots. It should be a well balanced diet. Keeping in mind their wild back ground. What is good for humans may not be good for parrots. Humans can plan what to eat, when to eat and what not to eat. But parrots have no choice they have to eat what they get to eat in the wild. Any good diet - fruit vegetables or seeds is good for them at anytime of the year. 
Planning the diet based on what is good for humans is good for parrots are wrong. A simple example Avocado is very good for humans but not so for parrots. It can kill the parrot. Diet of the parrot should not be based on human diet principles. Like what to have when to have. What is good and what is bad for a particular season. 
Papaya is said to cause abortion in pregnant women, so should we stop feeding them to our parrots during breeding season. But when one discusses about diet like salt, milk and bread there is a barrage of opposition, as to the dangers of feeding them. But it is unfortunate that no one talks about sugar. Do you know that like in humans sugar is a silent killer in birds? Do you know that parrots suffer from diabetes?
In the wild the parrots have to compete with other animals like example monkeys, rodents. So they have to eat them before they do, so most often than not they end up eating raw fruits which are not sweet and low on sugar. They very rarely get a chance to eat a ripe sweet fruit. So they have to what they get and cannot plan as what to eat and when to eat. 
But once they are kept in captivity, without knowledge of their dietary background and the chances of the bird getting affected by Diabetes. The owners feed then with the sweetest fruits that they can find. Just because we feel they are very tasty to us, the normal sugar range for parrots is between 400 mg/dl to 700 mg/dl. Diet high in sugar and Carbohydrates are said to be the cause. Diabetes in parrots can cause issues with Liver, Kidney and Pancreas. 
We should always provide them with diet, with their wild back ground in mind and as close to as possible, rather than what we feel is good for them.
We can only provide them with a diet as close to their natural wild diet. Because in the wild they feed on wild fruits and berries and not on fruits and berries we provide them with. I doubt they have access to many vegetables that we provide in the wild. Most of the parrots rarely come down to ground to feed. So the chances of digging into the ground to eat Carrot, Beetroot or Sweet potato are remote, so all that we give are substitutes near to their original diet. 
Most of the parrots in captivity are overfeed, which makes the obese and less active. They still end up with malnutrition due to wrong diet. Parrots eat somewhere between 20 to 30% of their body weight in a day depending upon type of diet they eat. 
Parrots often fly many kilometers in search for food.  Macaws have been recorded to fly 50 km looking for food. So the whole day is occupied in search of food. Resting in between, preening each other and basking in the sun ending up eating 20 – 30% of their body weight in a day.
In captivity there is no need to search for food and end up over eating as it is given to them in abundance all at once followed by two or three more portions. Which they consume within minutes, that which would take them a whole day to consume. And do not even fly a kilometer in a day in the cage or aviary, leading to obesity and other issues due to lack of exercise.
Improper diet and overfeeding parrots leads to breeding issues. The birds in captivity have abundant found ready available all through the years. Many reasons have already been discussed earlier. Rich found all round the year in a way hampers the stimulations of breeding hormones.
In the wild the parrot sex hormones a stimulated by the changes in the season and availability of food. They start breading when abundant food is available to them. The availability of fresh grains, fruits and vegetables stimulates the sexual hormones and brings them into breeding condition. 
Many parrots do not breed as they are stuck to a rich diet available all through the year. They do that go through the cycle of drought followed by harvest many leading Aviculturist follow two types of diet Non breeding diet and Breeding diet. 
In case adult birds are not breeding or stopped breeding. Putting them on non breeding diet died for a month or so will stimulate their breeding cycle. Put them on a all seed diet bland diet, slowly introduce them fresh fruits, vegetables sprouts one by one. They should surely breed. This has worked for me with Amazons, Conures and African Greys.

Jacob Muzzin won their first qualified goal from the Monarchs OT burning.
Stansted, New hampshire – Suitable side Francois Bouchard have scored the particular game-winning aim from 12:38 in the in the long run time to provide the Hershey Contains this 3-2 overtime success in the Luton Kings and queens within recreation all 5 with the The new year Calder Goblet Far east Discussion Remaining at the Verizon Wireless Market in Friday nighttime.Men's - Detroit Lions Amon-Ra St.Men's New York Jets Nike Black 2023 NFL Crucial Catch Sideline Tri-Blend T-Shirt Brown Silver 2023 Vapor F.Men's - Atlanta Falcons Bijan Robinson Black 2023 Vapor F.Men's - Green Bay Packers Lukas Van Ness Green 2023 NFL Draft First Round Pick Game JerseyU.2023 Salute To Service Sean Taylor Washington Commanders Brown Retired Player Limited Jersey - MensS.Men's - Houston Texans Derek Stingley Jr.2023 Salute To Service Cleveland Browns Brown Lightweight Long Sleeve Hoodie Tee - Mens White 2023 Vapor F.Men's - Chicago Bears Justin Fields White 2023 Vapor F.2023 Salute To Service Kenny Pickett Pittsburgh Steelers Brown Limited Jersey - MensU.Men's - Minnesota Vikings Dalvin Cook White 2023 Vapor F.Men's - Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes White 2023 Vapor F.Men's - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady Orange 2023 Vapor F.Men's - Washington Commanders Brian Robinson Jr.Men's - New Orleans Saints Alvin Kamara Black 2023 Vapor F.2023 Salute To Service Jerry Rice San Francisco 49ers Brown Retired Player Limited Jersey - MensU.Men's - Houston Texans Dameon Pierce Red 2023 Vapor F.2023 Salute To Service Indianapolis Colts Brown Lightweight Long Sleeve Hoodie Tee - MensU.Men's - Seattle Seahawks Tyler Lockett College Navy 2023 Vapor F.Women's Tennessee Titans Nike Black 2023 NFL Crucial Catch Sideline Tri-Blend T-ShirtU.2023 Salute To Service Green Bay Packers Brown Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-shirt - MensS.Youth Boy Carolina Panthers Nike Black 2023 NFL Crucial Catch Club Pullover HoodieE.Youth Boy Denver Broncos Nike Black 2023 NFL Crucial Catch Club Pullover Hoodie Limited JerseyS.Men's - Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett White Alternate 2023 Vapor F.2023 Salute To Service Club Miami Dolphins Brown Pullover Hoodie - MensU.Men's Chicago Bears Nike Black 2023 NFL Crucial Catch Club Pullover HoodieS.2023 Salute To Service Club New York Jets Brown Pullover Hoodie - MensE.2023 Salute To Service Mark Andrews Baltimore Ravens Brown Limited Jersey - Mens Limited JerseyE.2023 Salute To Service Miami Dolphins Brown Pullover Hoodie - Womens Limited JerseyS.Men's - Minnesota Vikings Justin Jefferson Purple Classic 2023 Vapor F.2023 Salute To Service New York Giants Brown Lightweight Long Sleeve Hoodie Tee - MensU.Men's - New York Jets Ahmad Sauce Gardner White 2023 Vapor F.2023 Salute To Service Club Dallas Cowboys Brown Pullover Hoodie - MensU.2023 Salute To Service Minnesota Vikings Brown Sideline Crew Neck T-shirt - MensS.Men's Arizona Cardinals Nike Black 2023 NFL Crucial Catch Club Pullover HoodieE.Men's - Detroit Lions Brian Branch Blue 2023 NFL Draft Pick Game Jersey Limited JerseyS.Men's - Carolina Panthers D.2023 Salute To Service Club Detroit Lions Brown Pullover Hoodie - MensJ.Youth Boy Detroit Lions Nike Black 2023 NFL Crucial Catch Club Pullover Hoodie Moore Black 2023 Vapor F.Men's - Los Angeles Chargers Justin Herbert Powder Blue 2023 Vapor F.Men's - Atlanta Falcons Kyle Pitts Red 2023 Vapor F.Men's - New England Patriots Rhamondre Stevenson Navy 2023 Vapor F.Men's - New England Patriots Matthew Judon Red 2023 Vapor F.2023 Salute To Service Josh Allen Buffalo Bills Brown Limited Jersey - Womens U.Men's - Seattle Seahawks Tariq Woolen Royal Throwback 2023 Vapor F.Men's - New England Patriots Christian Gonzalez White 2023 NFL Draft First Round Pick Game JerseyU.2023 Salute To Service CeeDee Lamb Dallas Cowboys Brown Limited Jersey - ChildS.2023 Salute To Service Washington Commanders Brown Lightweight Long Sleeve Hoodie Tee - MensE.2023 Salute To Service Jacksonville Jaguars Brown Pullover Hoodie - Womens Limited JerseyS.E. Limited JerseyU.S.E. Limited JerseyU.S.E. Limited JerseyU.S.E. Limited JerseyU.S.E. Limited JerseyE. Limited JerseyE. Limited Jersey White 2023 Vapor F.U.S.E. Limited JerseyU.S.E. Limited JerseyU.S.E. Limited JerseyU.S.E. Limited JerseyS.E. Limited JerseyU.S.E. Limited JerseyE. Limited JerseyU.S.E. Limited Jersey With your win, the actual Holds now have got a 3-2 line direct with sport six to eight with Hershey with Saturday, Could Twenty-two at 6:00 delaware.l.

“We great insurance through the entire online game,” stated Kings and queens Scalp Mentor Tag Morris following a overtime decline. “All of us discovered the goaltender and also searched just a little from forms in overtime.

“[Bears netminder Michal] Neuvirth ended up saving the trail; we had many opportunities. We got several authentic near misses, nevertheless we confirmed our children's right now there at the conclusion.”

Bouchard have scored the particular game-winning goal with Twelve:Thirty eight in the at an increased rate period to own triumph to be able to Hershey. Left mentorship Joe Bourque flipped a new puck in web that will Kings and queens netminder Jonathan Bernier to begin with halted. Center Mathieu Perreault furthermore got a further swipe at the puck in addition to dislodged the idea, mailing the item around when it comes to the left write-up. Bouchard failed the quit post and also, while dropping right into a load regarding Monarchs gamers, the actual puck slid after dark vast Bernier to the game-winning target.

Left mentorship Bud Holloway have scored his seventh purpose of your 2009-2010 season in the 4:00-mark of the 3rd period of time to begin the actual credit scoring. Skating for the electrical power participate in, left mentorship Dwight King circled over the left wing snowboards while using puck. King slid an rss feed back in defenseman Johnson Hickey in the blueline. Hickey sent the puck forward to Holloway, situated at the top of the proper face-off department of transportation. Holloway terminated huge strike chance which beat Contains netminder Michal Neuvirth underneath their left supply along with in the appropriate article to the 1-0 Monarchs direct.

Center Kyle Wilson obtained his / her fourth objective of your 2009-2010 nfl season on 12:Forty-one on the third period of time to knot the ranking with 1. Initiating the play in the simple zoom, heart Steve Pinizzoto delivered this puck to left wing Boyd Kane coming into the particular unpleasant region. Kane placed your puck for enough time pertaining to Wilson for you to collision the net. Kane routed a new move from your eventually left position when it comes to the proper article, the place that the puck kicked off associated with Wilson’ersus skates in addition to to the returning of the online.

Defenseman Jacob Muzzin won the 1st specialist objective to set this Kings and queens forward 2-1 on the Seventeen:26 draw in the third stanza. After quite a few pictures upon goal had been quit by means of Neuvirth, Holloway pumped the particular puck powering the actual Bears world wide web. Holloway transferred the actual puck time for where that it was obtained by simply Hickey. A quick break of the hand sent the puck for you to Muzzin, who was sneaking approximately the top of the appropriate face-off group of friends. A effective punch picture beat Neuvirth to obtain the Monarchs some sort of overdue lead that may not last.

With Neuvirth drawn in the final mins, Bourque evened the credit score with 2-2 along with 51 seconds vacationing in the experience. A face-off win through center Keith Aucoin preceded hefty unpleasant stress in the Bears in the ultimate minute involving regulations. Aucoin seemed to be raised on the puck at the eventually left face-off group of friends. The Hershey centre passed this puck up to eventually left side Alexandre Giroux, placed in the place. A fast pass over to be able to Bourque for the correct wing panels was dismissed the location of troubles the ranking on two goals apiece by the end of regulation.

Bernier (10-5) attracted his fifth decrease in the actual playoffs, stopping 32-of-35 images upon web. Neuvirth (9-2) gathered his 9th win from the postseason, ceasing 27-of-29 photos.

Manchester journeyed 2-for-3 on the energy engage in. Hershey has been 0-for-2 together with the gentleman advantage.

NOTABLES: Defenseman Jacob black Muzzin have scored the initial qualified objective throughout tonight’azines loss…Using the success within overtime, the actual Hershey Has get linked the actual all-time record for the majority of extra time victories from the Calder Cup 2010 playoffs...With an aid upon eventually left mentorship Marijuana Holloway’utes purpose, quit mentoring Dwight Double is within the midst of the three-game level streak (1-2=3)…Above his / her previous 12 playoff contests, Holloway features a few targets and six assists (3-6=9)…Defenseman Johnson Hickey’utes 2 aids tag another moment through the The year 2010 Calder Mug Playoffs which a Kings and queens gambler has had several aids in the video game.